Feb 10

Top off your Tummy and Tantilize your Tastebuds!

Yes I am really getting ready to lick Clam Chowder off a table in a swank little restaurant. I have a long standing crush with the heart of downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. Where is the heart of downtown Cheyenne? Well funny you should ask because I have mentioned this little gem of a rough and tumble town’s history before? Do you remember? It has been awhile… This post highlights The Capitol Grille inside The Plains Hotel, read it here. I also introduced A Coffee shop fit for a Cowgirl here.

Last Friday myself and two of my esteemed colleagues decided to go and indulge ourselves for lunch. We decided on lunch downtown. As we were seated we learned our lovely little city on the high plains has a new chef in town. Executive Chef Gary Treahy is making his mark on this dusty little cowboy town and turns out the locals are excited!

Excited Locals: Exhibit A

The wonderful new Chef even came out and visited our table after we placed our order. Chef Gary (We are on a first name basis now, cause that’s how I roll) begged us to try his calm chowder. It is a newly standing Friday special. I mean this poor Chef was really needing taste testers! Being the polite locals, we obliged the man. Did I mention each bowl has a healthy dollop of butter crowning this culinary perfection? Well my Grammy would frown upon wasted butter, so I really felt compelled.

However I had to excuse myself from the table for a brief moment to grab a call. When I returned the wonderful bowl of chowder had vanished. So not to waste a drop, I licked the table and bowl clean when no one was looking. Well all except for my giggling counterparts and some scowling ladies across the room.

After I licked up the remaining sample of clam chowder we were on to our lunch of wonderful sandwiches. Now I know what you are thinking, these are not just any plain, old, run of the mill, boring little sandwich.

I had a Cheyenne Cheese Steak Sandwich. It had thickly cut roast beef, Swiss cheese, peppers, onions. Oh and did I mention for an extra kick, jalapenos? Yup Chef Gary is crazy like that!

Excited local Michelle had buffalo meatloaf sliders. Uh oh, come to think of it… I hope Chef Gary didn’t get into one too many debates with my friend Phil. Who is Phil? Read about him here.

Excited Local Stacy went with the classic “The Plains Hotel Club”. Sliced Turkey, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon and mayonnaise serve between slices of toasted Sour Dough Bread.

These fine gentlemen are getting ready to change how this cowboy town does lunch! General Manager Larry McDonald, Executive Chef Gary Treahy, and the best waiter ever! Our waiter was actually enjoying his last day at The Capitol Grille. He is on to Culinary School in Denver, Good Luck!

I am headed back in this Friday to get my very own bowl of Calm Chowder! Do you want to go? I just don’t have a choice! I have to go back, last time I only had my sad little cell phone camera. I owe you all better pictures. Boy I sure do sacrifice for the good of the blog. Keep up the happenings at The Plains on facebook and their website.

Dec 09

A new obsession

Yes it has to do with carbs, lots of good old fashioned carbs!

If you are in Cheyenne or anywhere that has a Great Harvest bakery chain you have got to stop in and try out their goods. I love to go for lunch and eat their soup and sandwhichs. I love to take home fresh blueberry bread, toast and cover in Brie, YUM!! OR in the mornings I just about go crazy. They have homemade Raspberry scones filled with cream cheese. To die for!! And not dried and crusty scones. Perfectly moist scones, like they went and stole the tops of muffins…. I wake up thinking about Great Harvest Scones!
Find a location and learn more about the company here! In the meantime if you have not acquired my Christmas present yet, please send a gift certificate for 365 scones. It will make my year!!
Yes it has to do with carbs, lots of good old fashioned carbs! This is a “absolutely fabulous”

May 09

A Coffee Shop fit for a Cowgirl

Do you have a special spot where you can go where you just feel totally in your element? You walk in and you just feel a creative energy to write, or a peaceful calm where you can be totally content if you are done writing.

Well I have that very place downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. I love The Trail Coffee Shop! It is located in the very cowgirl chic hotel, The Plains Hotel. I really, really enjoy anytime I spend downtown but The Plains has always caught my undivided attention(okay that is a true exaggeration, I don’t know if I have ever had undivided attention!) Anyway if you are ever passing through or by downtown Cheyenne, call me. I would love for an excuse to meet you at my favorite spot. Now a little tour of the highlights, shall we?

This is not a map, well okay it is kinda… this is the wallpaper. Awesome!!

Cute little cafe tables by Molesworth I believe, yes a favorite of mine. Do you know know about this wonderful furniture? Well Click here and here.
The details of the decorating is really incredible. I don’t think they missed anything.

Did I mention pastries? I will let you know if I ever getting around to trying any of the sweets. Okay I’m not fooling anyone. Yes I indulged, and yes they are yummy.

This wise fellow(I named him Phil, yup Buffalo Phil from The Plains) and I have many debates on Politics, Philosophy, and Religion. Every coffee shop needs a grouchy local who never seems to leave. Well Surprising Buffalo Phil is very liberal, so it makes for some heated debates between us. I always thought buffalos would be conservative. You just never know.

Now I just need someone to play checkers with…

***Post Edit Update: Trail Coffee Shop is on Facebook.***